February Voting Contest Results

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Mon at 4:14

Hello everyone!

Today we unveil the voting contest rewards. The winners are:
BudderSwagMaster 152
mjc011 135
DrZorage 119

Here are the prizes:
1st: $25 coupon
2nd: $20 coupon
3rd: $15 coupon

If you won, please send me an email -

No one got 100 votes this time. As a reminder, if you get above 100 votes, you will get a 5$ coupon!
The new voting contest starts as of now.
Have fun!

DrZorage Even if you're banned, you still have the right to claim your coupons.
KD35LBJ6 no he isnt ...
MattPICFL budder is banned lol

HG Update + Staff Change

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Feb 22, 15

Hello everyone!

I noticed the donators had a way of transfering potion effects into the hunger game matches - well no more! Pot effects are cleared when the game starts. We also added an announcement to everyone in the HG lobby when a game begins counting down - this should make joining an arena easier.

These new features will be released tomorrow.


Unfortunately, I must also announce the resignation of a staff member - XIllegal_AlienX. He has a long history with the server and without a doubt helped shape the community to what it is today. Even though you were never a full moderator, you definitely did as much as any senior. From the community as a whole and from myself - thank you for your dedication and all of your hard work that made this server a reality.


Have fun!

TheStue My staff application never got checked by you or who ever was supposed to do it. It has been almost a month
tn008 Are the new staff being announced soon?
BlazerBlitz36 We'll miss you, XIllegal_AlienX! Thanks for helping SO much, and I hope you'll continue your amazing work on other serve ...

HG Competitive Play

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Feb 15, 15

Hello everyone!
We are starting to implement some gameplay changes for SG, gearing it up for competitive play.
The first change was an aesthetic one. Whenever you type in chat, your leaderboard rank will shop up. It will update once every five minutes.
The second change is the modification of the donator kits. We made them less overpowered to give nondonators an almost equal chance in climbing the leaderboard.
We also implemented explosive eggs. You can find them in chests. This will give nondonators who lived for a little bit an early game advantage over donators who didn't do well in the start of the match. In essense, we are giving skilled non-donators an advantage over donators.
To give new players a chance on the leaderboards, the leaderboards are now reset.

As of now, the new season of HG has begun. The winners of the previous HG season are:

  1. bubbles5512 -   244420 Points
  2. 2xtreme4yaa -  220857 Points
  3. alandurst -        208114 Points

The prizes for the positions are:

  1. $40 coupon
  2. $30 coupon
  3. $20 coupon

If you are one of these players, please email shicking for your prize. (

Each season will last 2 months. At the end of the two months, the leaderboards are reset.

Good luck and have fun!

xXThejokerXx why am i ban
azeneth hey i'm sorry this isn't relevant but i have seen a bug on sky block on our islands for the people who built to the limi ...
BudderSwagMaster x Never seem ‘em though.

Creative Update!

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Feb 6, 15

Hello everyone!

As of now, the creative server is updated with a new plugin. Ownership of the plots has been transferred. New features include:

  1. 1.8 Update!
  2. Merging of plots into one mega plot! (donators only)
  3. Teleportation to your friends plots
  4. New style of notification
  5. Per plot time / weather
  6. Surrounding your plots with walls
  7. A system of helpers + trusted players
  8. Mob Protection
  9. Block specified players from entering your plot
  10. MySQL Integration for efficient storing! (Less server side lag!)
  11. (Soon to be added) Ability to download and upload schematics to your plots

Staff Promotion:

Please welcome Creepaahh to the official moderator team!

Have fun!

Percy2121 awesome
Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG Enderchests are now fixed!
azeneth i know this isnt related to this but in skyblock 1.8 we cant use the enderchest please fix this and if there a reason wh ...

New SG Spawn

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Feb 5, 15

Hello everyone!

We released a new SG spawn! One of the main changes apart from a total remodeling is the focus on the SG aspect of the server. We felt that too many players started treating it as a progressive pvp server and stopped playing SG altogether. Not that this is a bad thing - we still included the ladderpvp and a community favorite pvp map. It should be less laggy and overall has a large space for expansion that we have already started to plan. If you find any bugs, please let us know!

This spawn was built by:






Have fun!

BudderSwagMaster x I love the fact that you removed the PvP. Instead of there being 2 people per match, we might have 12, 13, even 14 peopl ...
MrEs FINALLY THANK YOU FOR REMOVING THE PVP. i've been saying that for ages.
bertus112 Forums-AdminModCSG Nice job, looks good ...
Hi :sick:
I thought he was talking to me
Pure immaturity, at its absolute finest.
Why did you do a "....."
What happened to IIFlameXII's rank? He was a Lapiz just like me....
I ment can someone please help me
Can some plays help
What are the commands to colorize your fourm post?
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