1.8 Update

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted 21 hours ago
As you may already know, Minecraft 1.8 is scheduled to be released tomorrow. You can review the changes and new features in the update here.

We expect to update the network within a day after 1.8 is released, but we would recommend editing your profile to change your Minecraft version to 1.7.10 instead of the latest version to ensure that you have no problems connecting to CSG before it's updated.

We tested the builds compatible with the 1.8 client on our test server. Everything seems to be working fine except for the plugin for pets - so the pets may be missing for a few days after the update. Don't worry, the DB is not going anywhere, and your pets will join you as soon as the plugin gets updated.
TigerMiner27 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ same
hampus712 When the server is updated to 1.8 am I still able to play on 1.7.2? Because it will take a while for the mods to update ...

August Voting Contest Results

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Mon at 20:09
Hello everyone, 
the August voting contest is now over. Here are the results!

hangingtough                             140
gamelover2013                           101
scubakid42                                  45

Here are the prizes:
1st: $25 coupon
2nd: $20 coupon
3rd: $15 coupon
No-one except for the contest winners got over a hundred votes :( As a reminder, if you get over 100 votes, you get a free 5$ coupon.
The September voting contest has now begun. If you won the contest, please contact Shicking for your prize.
As a reminder, the voting is now fixed, so you will get your rewards!
Have fun!
JakobConner Gratz everyone! Time to get my game on to get 1st for september. Made my phone wake me up at 6:30 every mourning to vote ...
hangingtough Congrats everyone! ...
Starinator Wow, competition has really gone down... 45 for third place!? Tsk tsk tsk...

SG Double Point Weekend and Donator Perk Sale!

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Fri at 23:08
Hello everyone!
this weekend will be a double point weekend in SG! This means the amount of money you get from playing SG is doubled! Use this to your advantage to later purchase better gear for pvp.

We are going to have a large sale for donator ranks/perks this weekend - everything is 25% off. I would like to take this opportunity to say that we really appreciate all your support, financial as well as moral! :)
Have fun!
hangingtough They aren't changing the EULA anymore ...
harriskin Doesn't the new EULA go into effect on Monday?
hangingtough Phew. :3 I hope the voting contest winners will be announced then ...

Upcoming updates, changes and fixes!

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Aug 24, 14
Hello everyone!
we apologize for the lack of updates recently. We have been working hard on preparing the server for 1.8. After a while of setting up the servers, new proxy systems and fixing plugins, we finally managed to set  up a test server. This time, we are engaging the help of the community. If you have free time and want to help the server prepare for 1.8, please connect to the test server and mess around! Any changes, items lost, money lost, etc will not be transferred to the real server so you are able to mess around without fear. The ip for the test server is:

Voting is finally fixed! We had some trouble splitting packets and sending them to both of our proxy systems, but now, everything should be fixed and you should always get your rewards!
We are also preparing some new donator perks in order to be compliant with the EULA, and we have several cool ideas. If you have any perks you want to see added, please respond with a comment below this post.
Have fun!
[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG mojo - make sure to not click the signs! Instead, please run the /server command in order to connect to the test servers ...
mojo215 about the server you can not connect to most servers when the server goes 1.8 people will not be abl ...
schaef1996 I think you should add /hg start

Factions Reset

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Aug 8, 14
Hello everyone!
Today marks the release of the new features on factions and the completion of the factions reset. The changes and new additions are listed below.
  • Factions terrain got reset and several new biomes were added. Everyone has two weeks to transfer their stuff from the old world to the new world
  • ObsidianBreaker was added. Raiding should now be easier and more rewarding than before!
  • The money of everyone was reduced depending on the balance they had prior to the reset
  • New pvp arena and spawn added
  • Mob Arena is now added. Do not worry - dying in battle will not result in a power loss!
  • Shop was moved to the new spawn and updated with new prices
  • The efficiency of god apples was reduced. In more detail, one can only eat a god apple once every hour. Hence, to get pvp perks, potion brewing materials were added to the shop.
If you find any bugs/glitches in any of the changes, please let us know!
Have fun!
pookyboo34 Hey guys i cant find the world to transfer my old stuff to this new world can anyone tell me how i get there? thanks < ...
bapnatsu @booobie_lover21 There was a currency change posted on the official factions reset thread. You can check there. ...
booobie_lover21 how much money do we loose cuz i lost over half
xD umut
Darude - Sandstorm
I don't think ROTMG needs a leader board, seems dumb. :p
What is the Leaderboard on Rotmg?
Cant wait for name change in 1.8
Dont expect them for at least a week Hanging. Thats how long we've always had to wait.
Waiting for Voting results...
I hope voting results come in today, so I can get the Lapiz ank for 25% off :d
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