Prison Gangs

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Apr 5, 15

Hello everyone!

Today we released the new gangs plugin. These new features are now implemented:

  • Create your own gang! (Costs $750000) 
  • Invite players then promote them as time goes on!
  • Gang and player statistics with kills, deaths, KDR, fights won, fights lost, WLR
  • Togglable friendly fire
  • Gang chat channel
  • Gang bank account
  • Gang leaderboard
  • Fights - challenge other gangs via betting for money. At the end the gang that won gets 15 seconds to get the dropped items

For an indepth explanation of what each rank in the gang does, check out this graphic.

We are planning to make gang specific bases - more info will be released soon.

And as always, have fun!

AwesomeNimar guys what do u mean by the rank like D C B A Of VIP VIP+
Dramatic_Pony sounds good

March Voting Results

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Apr 4, 15

Hello everyone!

Today we unveil the voting contest rewards. The winners are:
YourCoal 176
Hend0g2000 171
Mr_Billy 150

Here are the prizes:
1st: $25 coupon
2nd: $20 coupon
3rd: $15 coupon

More than usual got 100 votes. As a reminder, if you get above 100 votes, you will get a 5$ coupon! Here are the 100 vote winners:

Bob3099 141
ThunderDragonSHP 127
DrZorage 117
dariooccellijr 108
colt98761 106
Snoopthedoog 102

If you won, please send me an email -

The new voting contest starts as of now.
Have fun!

YourCoal It is nice to see people are voting a lot now from the new voting system. Congrats to others!

Arcade Server Released!

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Mar 29, 15

Hello everyone!

Today marks the official release of the arcade server. All of the features are fully functional and hundreds of bugs are now fixed! Thank you everyone for helping test the server and find gamebreaking bugs - you helped make it more fun for everyone :)

Since the gamemodes are 100% custom made, we are constantly listening for suggestions. Also, if any new bugs are found, please don't hesitate to notify a staff member.

The premium rank is also now officially released! This rank will not supply any unfair game advantage, but instead provides vastly increased Pixel and XP Earnings, more daily Pixel Passes, and lets you purchase cosmetic items such as name color + pets in the lobby shop.

Have fun!

xXAmazing235Xx Should I get premium or bedrock I'd ...
bertus112 Forums-AdminModCSG 'Notify a staff member.' well, I don't know about the other ones but I didn't even get a rank or anything.
IronSword I got premium ;D

Gun Server Update

bertus112 Forums-AdminModCSG posted Mar 20, 15

Hello everyone!

As some of you might know: We have been working on updating the gun server with some new things. As of now, these things are released! A full list of new things can be found below, as well as possible upcoming updates. For these last ones we will need your feedback and suggestions. Let us know on the forums what you want to see besides these things, and what you think of the updates (please report glitches as well).


- Map expansion.

- New casino.

- More/new houses.

-New guns.

-New ammo type(emerald).


-More donator features, including donator shop!

-Bug/glitch fixes (such as glitching with guns, recoil has been reduced)

Possible updates:

-More secure houses.

-New (casino)minigames.

-More gang features.

Once again: Let us know what you think, and if you notice any glitches.


ScarTheScarab Some ups and some downs in the addition, the main up is the expansion of the town, the main down is the fact that no &qu ...
User ily2 bert
Brandon_Issaquah Rock that is something with the compatibility of 1.8, or the server plugins. That's why it didn't get fixed I think.

SG Competition Results

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Mar 8, 15

Hello everyone!

Apart from a few minor errors in the permissions, the tournament went smoothly. 

The winners of the donator tournament are:

1 DeathRat101
2 Blazing_Wither09
3 xXAmazing235Xx

The winners of the nodonator tournament are:

1 drew15000
2 steeler7fan
3 KrabGor

Meanwhile, a brand new server is in the works. More info will be released soon.

Have fun!

BajanCanadian Im new player ...
BlazerBlitz36 I hope the new server is somewhat like towny, where its friendly survival ...
osah123 Awesome! A new server? I wonder what it could be........ ...
I take a stack of gapples out of my echest on prison and as soon as they go into my inventory they just some how disapeared
hi, im getting kicked for vpn again :sick:
HI karan
BACK :sick:
report then xxthejoker
hey mods can you go on hg2 bloodystabs is hacking and logg
Could somebody please resolve my report thread. It has been a week and nothing has happened
hey guys
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