AcidIsland Released!

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Mon at 22:22
Hello everyone!
I had the sudden inspiration to create this server and dedicated last night to setting it up - and here it is! It was inspired by skyblock but the addition of acid water makes a unique and dangerous gamemode! Throughout the day we saw pirates looting and survivors creating stunning bases, and we are still excited as to what the players will think of next! 
The differences from skyblock are:
  • You spawn on an island surrounded by water. The water is acid - if you make contact, you get hurt.
  • Pirates can go to other players islands and loot their chests. However, they cannot build - if you lock your chests in a shelter, they are safe from pirates.
  • Once you die, you lose your inventory
  • Challenges are a big part of this gamemode! Complete a challenge for useful and expensive items.
  • The shop only has the bare necessities.
  • Water breathing potions will block acid damage - in other words, if you are going pirating, brew a couple of these!
Have fun!
Starting February, all servers will be 1.8 only. This server is the first one to be fully updated. Please update your clients!
Additional thank you to Creepaahh for helping create the server!
BudderSwagMaster Finally, we can make slime blocks, iron trapdoors, and much more that we weren't able to do in 1.7 Tranks for updating ...
4TimesTheAwesom Ugh 1.8 I can't stand the update I will try to use 1.8 but thats going to be hard, I mostly use mods so this is going to ...

KitPVP Updated with the Suggestions of the Community!!

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Jan 18, 15
Hello everyone!
Our updated kitpvp has been released! It features a whole new economy and a brand new way of unlocking kits. Once you unlock a kit, you can use it an unlimited number of times! A new system of a 1v1 arena was also implemented, so everything is now automatic and fair. As well, we are proud to introduce a new map which seems to be a community favorite. Don't forget to thank Ghostrider, PVTheChosenOne, mojo215, Brebell1, Hexagonial, Pentagonial and IronPecker for making the map a reality! 
Over the next few days, we will be testing a new anti-hack plugin on kitpvp. Please hang in there, as there may be many false-positives.
Have fun!
rubinho oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Creepaahh Helper threa ...

December Voting Contest Results

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Jan 5, 15
Hello everyone!
Today we unveil the voting contest rewards. For voting, the winners are:
BudderSwagMaster                   154
tanster19                                    151
4TimesTheAwesom                  104

Here are the prizes:
1st: $25 coupon
2nd: $20 coupon
3rd: $15 coupon

As well, hangingtough got 100 votes, so he gets a $5 coupon!
The new voting contest starts as of now.
Have fun!
BudderSwagMaster Ah... yet again <33333

Duel Team Contest Results

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Jan 3, 15
Hello everyone!
Although it got off to a rocky start, the contest has now ended! The winners are listed below along with their prize.

1st place: ($20 coupon)

2nd place: ($15 coupon)

3rd place: ($10 coupon)

FFA coupon: MexicanTacoTruck ($15)

If you are one of the winners, please send an email to along with proof you are the valid owners of the account.

I hope you all had fun regardless of the imperfections! We are working on creating professionally hosted tournaments in the future.
Have fun!
Creepaahh Helper Uhm, #Alice'sTeamRocks?
BudderSwagMaster Congratz to everyone.By the way when will the Voting Contest results come out? :/
Ugot_trolled I loved this contest, it was awesome! Although, I didn't stay for the full of it. #TSAAT+1

New Staff Members

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Dec 20, 14
Hello everyone!
after much deliberation and research, the staff and I present the updated list of staff members.
New Staff Members:
13mr_minecraft -> Trial-Mod
PVTheChosenOne -> Trial-Mod

GhostRider1806 -> Helper
CaramelLion101 -> Helper
AliceTF2 -> Helper

IronPecker -> Trial-Mod
Hexagonial -> Mod

No Change:
AllPurposeFlower -> Helper
Creepaahh -> Helper

JrcPalmetto (resigned)
MooseTheEngineer (resigned)
If you were one of the mods that resigned, thank you so much for supporting the server and shaping the community into what it is now. You will be remembered.

If you were selected, please meet Shicking in-game.
We are proud to unleash this new squad. Congratulations to the new additions to the staff team!
Have fun!
azeneth can you put back the repair all sign? please
FaZeR_ congrats, the work of mods can not be un-noticed. They are very dedicated and work hard to bring you the entertainment y ...
BudderSwagMaster These are decent choices, but gz to everyone. Creepaahh should have been promoted to Trial-Mod though, as he is probs on ...
i keep getting kicked for that
You should be okay now, you have been whitelisted.
kicked for using proxy/vpn?
i need a mod on prison plz
Ahh.. I like this..
heh, shicking likes his throne room which is in my castle.
can't get on MC
oh, how my skyblock island is turning out, I finally finished the main islands and the caves, now i got the structures. So far, a castle is being made, complete with a throne room perfect for shicking. I thank a wonderful donation from bertus.
anna, make an appeal please.
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