October - Server Birthday Events

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Oct 3, 14
Hello everyone!
During this October we will celebrate the second birthday of the server. The server has been up for two whole years! To mark the occasion, we will stage events throughout the month. Here is a glimpse of the many events planned.
We start off by declaring this weekend a triple point weekend on SG. Play and get rich in no time! This event runs Saturday through Sunday.
This Saturday, October 4th, we will hold a parkour tournament located in new handmade parkour on the minigames server. The prizes are:
1st place: $15 rank coupon
2nd place: $10 rank coupon
3rd place: $5 rank coupon
The tournament will start at 4 PM PST.

Next weekend, October 11-12, we will hold a last man standing against mobs on Factions server.
This tournament will also start at 11 AM PST. The three players that survived the longest will each get $15,000,000

During the birthday weekend, October 25-26, a SG tournament will be hosted. We would like to have a new map for this tournament, possibly community-created. For this, we are holding a contest for the best SG map! You have until Monday, October 20 to submit an contest entry for a map on which the tournament will be hosted. The arena the community most dislikes will then be removed from SG and the new arena will replace it. We will choose the best one for the tournament; if there are 2-3 other good ones, we will use them to replace current SG maps. There will be two tournament games played; one with donators only and one with non-donators only.
The prizes for this tournament are:
1st place: $40 coupon
2nd place: $25 coupon
3rd place: $15 coupon

As well, the players which are in the top 3 of the SG leaderboards by the end of this month will get a $15 coupon to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of the server.
Have fun!
IronPecker XxGreenKidxX would like to register, Shicking. Asking for him.
anemane360 Im building with Ridder1165
DragonCrafter22 I'd like to join if possible this late

September Voting Contest Results

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Oct 1, 14
Hello everyone, 
the September voting contest is now over. Here are the results!

CaramelLion101 158
hangingtough    148
Hansonwang2004 88

Here are the prizes:
1st: $25 coupon
2nd: $20 coupon
3rd: $15 coupon
No-one except for the contest winners got over a hundred votes :( As a reminder, if you get over 100 votes, you get a free 5$ coupon.
The October voting contest has now begun. If you won the contest, please contact Shicking for your prize.
This voting contest will have a secret reward given to the top three voters, so make sure to vote as much as possible!
Have fun!
hangingtough Messaged Via Enjin.

Daily Rewards

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Sep 24, 14
Hello everyone! 
We are adding a new way to reward our loyal players, as well as a way for the new members to get some initial capital.
I am talking about daily awards. You are now rewarded for each day you log into the server. The rewards increase if you login several days in a row, and there are also special rewards for total number of days you played. 
You get rewards on each server you log into.

As a pilot, we implemented the system on lobby and SG servers. In lobby, you will get points to purchase new pets. In SG, you will get money to spend on new gear.
The other servers will get the reward system in the near future.
Have fun!
hangingtough I earned 8 Points on the Lobby yesterday, and today 6? Is this normal? Yesterday was my 18th day and today is my 19th.
bobthejoy I like the idea of getting money if you log in regularly but what if u log in maybe 30 or so days in a row can we maybe ...
[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG Daily login rewards should now be added to skyblock and prison!

Creative Plot Size Increased

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Sep 19, 14
Hello everyone!
We have increased the plot size for creative. To get a new plot (four times larger than the previous plots!), please use the command /plot auto at spawn. This will automatically get you a plot in the new world. To get back to the old world + plots, use the command /warp CurrentC.
Have fun!
Huskylover26 Fantastic. ;D ~Husky

Skywars Statistics Added

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Sep 19, 14
Hello everyone!
Today we announce the implementation of skywars leaderboards! The statistics have been quietly increasing in size, so we decided to make it public. We are also working on releasing a new skywars spawn, so stay tuned!
Have fun!
So that we know what reports we have to handle when we have mroe than 2 minutes to come back on the forums.
To all mods/helpers out there, what is the point in coming on the forums for about 2 minutes and don't even read any forums posts (reports)
All servers are down for me?
Server Down For Maintanence?
@Osah123 save some for me!
Omg, Ridder, You are on... Its been a while! HAI!
Don't mention it! :sick:
No problem!
Thank you Umut and Creepaahh!
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