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HCF is Released!

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted May 19, 15

Hello everyone!

HCF was released a few days ago. Major changes that separate it from normal factions are:

  • no /spawn - everyone must trek to spawn, which is located at 0,0
  • The currency is emeralds. Trade ores for them at spawn
  • On death normal players get banned for 3 hours. Donators get banned for a decreased time.
  • You can only raid a fac if their DTR is below 0. You cannot use TNT. Building bases on the surface is encouraged.
  • Many pots are disabled.
  • Enchantments are limited to let new players catch up.
  • Nether portal is at spawn. End portals are at the end of the paths that start at spawn.
  • There are many more minor changes.

Just as a clarification, the old factions is here to stay, as HCF is a very niche gamemode that doesn't appeal to everyone.

New changes and bug fixes are going to be rolling out for HCF. Prison is also going to be reset soon.

Have fun! 

samyboy333 Oooh, sounds reactive.
MrEs is actually mad skillz. so basically if i make my home base, but dont want to raid or get raided, as long as i dont die ...

Minor Update for Skyblock

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted May 7, 15

Hello everyone!

We just updated skyblock with a brand new feature - banning players from islands! If there is a pesky player that is damaging your island or pvping with you, with /is ban <player> you will be able to block his access to your island.

We also fixed several challenges that were impossible to complete before. Challenges are fixed in both Skyblock and Acidisland.

Consider this a minor update while we are implementing Hardcore Factions.

Have fun!

AliBear097 Thnx! I love skyblock! and Acid island ...
YourCoal Finally! I always wanted that command ...
HansonMC Thank you! I had a weird guy who was always coming on to my island for no reason and now I can ban him! Finally I can do ...

April Voting Contest Results

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted May 3, 15

Hello everyone!

Today we unveil the voting contest rewards. The winners are:
ManiacChester     134
Leviatharrongon   116
benm1005            101

Here are the prizes:
1st: $25 coupon
2nd: $20 coupon
3rd: $15 coupon

As a reminder, if you get above 100 votes, you will get a 5$ coupon! Here are the 100 vote winners:

ultragamer295 100

If you won, please send me an email - shicking1@gmail.com

The new voting contest starts as of now.
Have fun!

ManiacChester Hey Shicking if you could reply to my email that I sent you a bit ago about the coupon that'd be great.
Itz_Homie shicking why did u give a coupon to ultragamer295??? he is perm banned for hacking...

New Creative Donator Perks + Updates

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted May 2, 15

Hello everyone!

We just finished adding worldedit on creative. You will only be able to use worldedit on your own plot. The commands are given per rank - here is the updated list of commands.

Gold - //copy, //paste

Lapiz - //set, //pos1, //pos2

Diamond - //rotate, //jump

Emerald - //sphere, //cyl, //pyramid

Bedrock -//ascend, //descend

King - /tool tree, //brush sphere, cylinder, clipboard, smooth, ex, none

Emperor - //replacenear, //green, //size, //superpickaxe

We also worked on an efficient way to make sure worldedit won't crash the server. All blocks are quickly added via a multithreaded system so the main thread won't experience any slowdown, thus preventing lag.

Hardcore factions is coming along fine - we are currently working on creating new custom terrain. We are also working on eliminating hackers and loggers to create a fair experience.

Have fun!

Itz_Homie dude this is epic
YourCoal Cool!

Hardcore Factions Incoming!

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Apr 29, 15

Hello everyone!

As we are in the process of developing Hardcore Factions, I just wanted to clarify a few points regarding gameplay. This is a short summary of the changes being implemented.

Hardcore Factions will have a huge emphasis on PvP. We decided to limit the enchants to protection I and sharp I to allow new players to jump into the action quickly without the fear of being absolutely destroyed by more dedicated players. However, players who have better preparations via pots and enderpearls will have an advantage. 

A major change is that on death, normal players are banned for three hours. Donators will be banned for shorter times. Therefore dying has a real toll that may put your faction in a vulnerable position. However, in pvp, killing players will not only give way to loots and riches but will also strengthen your faction with regards to DTR. Killing a player may also open their faction to raiding for one hour, provided their DTR is low enough.  

The economy is being replaced with Emeralds. Players can trade ores found in the small world for emeralds. Emeralds will be used to purchase materials for pots, building, and many more stuff. Villagers are very important as items can be traded for emeralds only through them. There will be villagers in the spawn.

Tnt is disabled. This means you will be unable to raid a faction until their DTR (deaths till raidable) hits below 0. Therefore, in order to make a faction raidable, you must pvp with the specific faction. With deathban, if you manage to kill several faction members and launch an attack on their base, it will be devastating with no protection. This is why being in an alliance is very important. Hiring protection from other factions is also a possible way to prevent raids. As a clarification, when their DTR falls, the faction land will have absolutely no protection for an hour.

The end will be open for farming. It will contain crucial materials and we expect many wars to be fought over these materials. The nether is open as well but is limited in size.

There is a limit of two allies. All neutral factions are treated as enemies. Therefore mostly everyone can and will kill you when given the chance.

Pots are limited, for example, strength is completely disabled. More information will be released on release date.

Faction homes are given via /f who. Therefore there is no use in hiding your faction land underground - you may as well build it on the overworld to show off your riches.

A lot more features are being implemented. If everything goes well, the expected release should be in around 1-2 weeks.

Have fun!

WaLtUsHuDoS i can get pretty use to this but the stupid rules kinda like no tnt farming at the end?...no claiming?!
Momo1425William so theres no claiming or unclaiming land?
xXAmazing235Xx Unless this is different from Kohi fac this idea is lame
Playing Minecraft that much, they should be studying. Sorry for the little rant, it was just me getting mad about missing KOTH. Thanks for reading.
Can we make a weekly KOTH for the ones who missed the last one? Also, making it on the week before the finals is a bit stupid, the weekend after the finals would be better. For the ones that have a week off to study for the finals shouldn't be
Only ones in koth were shicking death and starinator :3 Shicking got killed by star and death just sat at the capping place the entire time
Hey guys sorry I have been gone my computer have been broken so still won't be on.
This was sort of a test KOTH to squash bugs. A schedule will be up and working soon!
Out of all the times it could of been...... It has to be a US only one....
Tourney starts in 2 hours
When shicking?
First KOTH on HCF tomorrow!
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