Beta Duel Released!

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Wed at 22:40
Hello everyone!
Today we announce the beta release of the duel server. The main idea behind the server is to create an environment where players are able to fight their friends in a secluded arena with custom kits. Of course, the customary FFA Arena is included if you wish to take a break from fighting only one player at a time. All of the arenas are custom made by the community; I would especially like thank spottergate, ghostrider1806, pvthechosenone, hexagonial and pentagonial for the creation of the arenas and, of course, all of the donators that helped vanquish bugs. Statistics are recorded for every game played and stored in a database. You can view the leaderboards on the website. At the end of November, the top 3 players will get a free $15 coupon.
As always, if any bugs or exploits are found, please let a staff member know.
Have fun!
LunaMoon675 By far, the dule server is my favorite!
scarazius Anything I suggest for anything is ignored so often, the server is pretty nice so far though.
BudderSwagMaster The new duel server is pretty awesome!

Voting and SG Leaderboard Rewards

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Nov 1, 14
Hello everyone!
Today we unveil the voting and SG leaderboard rewards. For voting, the winners are:
hangingtough                160
mooksnook                   132
4TimesTheAwesom     108
Here are the prizes:
1st: $25 coupon
2nd: $20 coupon
3rd: $15 coupon
We also promised a unique reward to the top three voters. Please email Shicking for your prizes. 

The three winners of the SG leaderboard are:
The winners get a $15 coupon - please email Shicking for your prize!

The new voting contest has started as of now.
Have fun!
hangingtough Oh and Shicking, I am awaiting my secret prize.
hangingtough No one votes these days Creepaahh. ...
Creepaahh No one got 100+ votes that were less than 108?

Halloween disguises

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Oct 30, 14
Hello everyone! 
Tomorrow, we are going to add disguises to lobby as a Halloween special. Everyone will be able to disguise as many different mobs. 
We are working on releasing two new districts in prison and, due to popular demand, cells. Updates to gun and ROTMG are also planned, so stay tuned!
Happy Halloween!
hangingtough None of them are working...
TheShadowNinja14 Hangingtough how do you know if it's spooky when you haven't seen it yet.
Katniss_20 o awesome! How do we put on the disguises though? happy halloween ...

SG Tournament and Sale

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Oct 23, 14
Hello everyone!
As you all know, the following weekend is the second birthday of the server! If you are not aware, there is a large SG competition with valuable prizes. This competition will take place at 11 AM PST on Saturday, October 25. There will be a donator and a separate non-donator game played on two unique custom-built maps. The prizes for this tournament are:
1st place: $40 coupon
2nd place: $25 coupon
3rd place: $15 coupon

As well, the top three players on the SG leaderboards will receive a $15 coupon for their dedication and skill. The SG leaderboards will reset shortly after the rewards.

A donator sale is also going to be held during this weekend to celebrate the birthday of the server - more details will be released tomorrow.

Have fun!
LunaMoon675 Will there be other tournaments in the year?
Katniss_20 o The Hunger Game tournaments were so much fun! The maps were lovely and I hope that there will be something like this ag ...
galaxy1448 As soon as I joined the server the non-donor match started and now I want to sit in a corner...

October - Server Birthday Events

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Oct 3, 14
Hello everyone!
During this October we will celebrate the second birthday of the server. The server has been up for two whole years! To mark the occasion, we will stage events throughout the month. Here is a glimpse of the many events planned.
We start off by declaring this weekend a triple point weekend on SG. Play and get rich in no time! This event runs Saturday through Sunday.
This Saturday, October 4th, we will hold a parkour tournament located in new handmade parkour on the minigames server. The prizes are:
1st place: $15 rank coupon
2nd place: $10 rank coupon
3rd place: $5 rank coupon
The tournament will start at 4 PM PST.

Next weekend, October 11-12, we will hold a last man standing against mobs on Factions server.
This tournament will also start at 11 AM PST. The three players that survived the longest will each get $15,000,000

During the birthday weekend, October 25-26, a SG tournament will be hosted. We would like to have a new map for this tournament, possibly community-created. For this, we are holding a contest for the best SG map! You have until Monday, October 20 to submit an contest entry for a map on which the tournament will be hosted. The arena the community most dislikes will then be removed from SG and the new arena will replace it. We will choose the best one for the tournament; if there are 2-3 other good ones, we will use them to replace current SG maps. There will be two tournament games played; one with donators only and one with non-donators only.
The prizes for this tournament are:
1st place: $40 coupon
2nd place: $25 coupon
3rd place: $15 coupon

As well, the players which are in the top 3 of the SG leaderboards by the end of this month will get a $15 coupon to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of the server.
Have fun!
IronPecker XxGreenKidxX would like to register, Shicking. Asking for him.
anemane360 Im building with Ridder1165
Dragon I'd like to join if possible this late
What!? I had 125 kills and now I have 105!? My KDR was 2 and now it is 1!?
Hanging, I used to play ROBLOX, I had an account with BC 6 months, I got OP rich limiteds, But got terminated for reasons, I create another account with TBC 12 Months, Get RICHERand get terminated, Quit Roblox
Stout Shako For 2 Refine
I like turtles
Any1 wanna meet on the server? i will be in creative if you want!
I joined the server for the first time in 4 days... Back to ROBLOX now.
blaster get liteloader and forge
I like trains
Everyone come on at duel in 10 minutes to see the amazing Falcon!
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