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The Birthdays!! :dizzy:
Some1 make mah a cool novaskin signature! :d post it on my wall! thanks! <2 :cool:
Last time someone did it, a mod warned him and deleted the post
I'm pretty sure it's allowed, as long as it has something to do with CSG and no other competitive server.
do not put a link to something you put the forums in the shout box. I do not think that is allowed at all.
hey all check out my server suggestion [link] estion
I'm talking about things like Death Note or Attack on Titan ya nasties -.-
I watched Anime but erm… haha… It wasn't just any Anime :S
I hope its not anime in the sense that I'm thinking of...
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GunServer open for donators.

bertus112 Forum-AdminModCSG posted Tue at 23:02
Hello everyone,

As the donators have seen: The new gunserver has been opened for testing, and I am glad to say that we all had a great time playing it so far. Now, for the rest of you: do not worry! We will ofcourse notify you when this opens to the general public. Now, there have been quite a bunch of questions regarding the server, and how things work. To solve this: here is a general tutorial on the server, and what to do in it. For more questions you can always ask a mod ingame, also: be sure to report any bugs you encounter.

The guns can be found in chests, or bought at the shop/market at /spawn.
To shoot a gun right- or leftclick it, but be sure you have the proper ammo.
There are 3 types of ammo:
-Explosive Ammo
-Special Ammo
-Gun Ammo
To find out which one is for which gun you can check the item frames at /spawn.
Then, reloading your gun: A gun reloads automatically if it's empty, to reload manually press ''q''.

There are a ton of houses in the map, some more expensive then others.
A house can be rented by rightclicking the [rent house] sign next to the door, which ofcourse only works if you have enough ammo to rent it.
On the inside of a house there will be chests, houses of class 3 and up (class can be found on a sign at the door) will have chests suitable for storage, houses below class 3 (1,2) have restockchests that provide some free stuff now and then.

Club Houses:
Over the past days some alliances have formed, now... Because houses only support 1 player: You cannot get a house that can be used for your gangmembers. However, I have decided to make this possible using some redstone! To get a club house all you need to do is:
-Pay me $15.000 ingame money;
-Tell me the names of the people you want to have access
-Tell me which house you want, there are 3 around the map.

To go to the casino you can use the [warp] sign at spawn.
Once there, you will see a sign saying ''[coinshop]'', use this to purchase coins to use in the slot machines.
To operate a slotmachine: rightclick a jukebox with your coin in hand.

Cars are simply minecarts that do not need rails, if you got one: rightclick the ground to place it, and use the same controls you would use for a horse to drive around in it.

We all hope you will enjoy this new server, and good luck to you all!
MineCraftBeater Pudge1736 wait what day will it be released to the public Bertus?
wallace91 This Is amazing and has about no lag at all, Thank you Bertus and Shicking for making an amazing "gun" server!
boo1216 Bertus thank you for making this its a really fun game and I can't wait for more people to play! ...

The DShop Is Back!

Charchi_mc Forum-AdminModCSG posted Mon at 3:01
Hey Guys,

The donator shop Is finally back In Factions! Be sure to visit /server Factions2 and get a staff member to TP you there, there will be no /warp to the shop, this Is because non-donators where able to gain access via the /warp command In the pervious shop, If there are any Issues with anything In the shop be sure to let Charchi or any other Staff member know.

Have fun!
wallace91 The shop is awesome good job! :0
Proxa_Beast Yay ;D Can we get a doner shop for Skyblock? ...
steeler7fan The Afk cool is a death TRAP! theres no way out! or i couldnt find it xD make more ways to get out! please

Engaging the help of the community

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Sat at 12:19
Hi all,
As you know, the last update of Minecraft changed the system of storing the player's data. After witnessing several servers, both small and large, having to reset all the inventories and other data, we decided to have a small test before the upgrading. This will also help to double check dozens of plugins also updated for the newer versions.

There is a test server - which is a COPY of the real one, The URL is playsurvivalgames.com:25566
We need help to test it. You are welcome to join.
Please keep in mind
1) This is a COPY of the real server. Thus, anything you gain or lose in your inventories does not get reflected on the real server. Your real statistics does not get affected by dying or winning on this server either.
2) Factions could have been disbound while the server was running idle - it is also not reflected on the real server
3) If you die, or lose everything, or get kicked or banned or whatever - this is not reflected on the real server. Although, please refrain from bulling/abuse.
If you find something that does not work, please post this error here. Please include the server, description, and the in-game name.

Have fun!
boo1216 Yes they are shicking they work fine.
[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG @WillowTree - is /fix all fixed on factions? @pudge - Is the squid bug fixed?
MineCraftBeater Pudge1736 Shicking, today I wanted to have a pet squid. When I did it, it was flying in the air without me. It acted like it was o ...

Additions to the network

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Apr 14, 14
Hello everyone,
before the recent minecraft updates, we managed to make several new additions to the network. In case you did not know about them, here they are:
  • In factions, normal players are now able to set one home. This creates an interesting opportunity and opens a lot of doors for players to experiment with. Donators still have an advantage over normal players - they are able to set an unlimited amount of homes instead of only one.
  • The SG glitch where an arena would have been ingame with 0 players has now been fixed! We are investigating a new glitch with an arena that glitches up when starting. Now that we are able to program our SG plugin, this opens a lot of chances to fix bugs as well as add several new features such as receiving money on kill and making the deathmatch announce when it is going to be executed.
  • New minigames arena named Lost Dreams has been released!

New features incoming:
  • A new creative spawn is going to be released soon!
  • A new skyblock pvp arena is going to be released soon!
  • Although the gun server release may have been delayed by a week due to the recent MC updates, we too are working to release them ASAP
Have fun!
Momo1425William when are the creeper eggs coming out in factions ...
LAVAland1441 gunstuffz <3
SockMonkeys4Life OMG THE GUN SERVER!! <3 It's going to be so much like Battle Royale!

Recent Minecraft Updates

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Apr 12, 14
Hello everyone,
you will be seeing our server experience problems and bugs more often than ever before. Why is that? It's mojangs inability to create a functional update release. Not only that, they then force 100,000 servers to update four days in a row, creating a dysfunctional minecraft server. Why are they doing this? My belief is that they are attempting to make all of the servers move their hosting to realms. Why? Money. They are recreating the whole server and how everything works in an attempt to utterly destroy all of the servers that are keeping Minecraft alive and reward the servers that are moving to their new idiotic plugin development with command blocks. What grinds my gears is the 1.7.8 update. They made it so every server that gets a login ping their authentication services. This not only lags every single server, but now they save the players data file in a UUID format. What does this mean? Nearly half of the plugins do not function anymore. As an owner of a server who has many gamemodes, and whose gamemodes all have more than 20 plugins - this spells disaster. We are attempting to update to 1.7.8, but right now, to no avail. Because of this, we are most likely going to stay with the current version of spigot we have installed for quite a while.
I am very sorry this whole ordeal happened. In the meanwhile, to make your minecraft more stable (no error messages that kick you), please downgrade to 1.7.7.
Have fun!
o355 Now according to some servers, 1.7.8 is the death of NPC's Why does Mojang gotta do dis! ...
Winston999 "Grinding my gears" - Shicking
Proxa_Beast Mojang needs to learn why their game is still on the market and why they need to do what's right for servers... Mojang- ...
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