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Daily Rewards

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Wed at 22:13
Hello everyone! 
We are adding a new way to reward our loyal players, as well as a way for the new members to get some initial capital.
I am talking about daily awards. You are now rewarded for each day you log into the server. The rewards increase if you login several days in a row, and there are also special rewards for total number of days you played. 
You get rewards on each server you log into.

As a pilot, we implemented the system on lobby and SG servers. In lobby, you will get points to purchase new pets. In SG, you will get money to spend on new gear.
The other servers will get the reward system in the near future.
Have fun!
bobthejoy I like the idea of getting money if you log in regularly but what if u log in maybe 30 or so days in a row can we maybe ...
[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG Daily login rewards should now be added to skyblock and prison!
MinecraftNerd Cool! I like the concept of this. It was well thought out, and well implemented! Thanks Shick!

Creative Plot Size Increased

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Sep 19, 14
Hello everyone!
We have increased the plot size for creative. To get a new plot (four times larger than the previous plots!), please use the command /plot auto at spawn. This will automatically get you a plot in the new world. To get back to the old world + plots, use the command /warp CurrentC.
Have fun!
Huskylover26 Fantastic. ;D ~Husky

Skywars Statistics Added

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Sep 19, 14
Hello everyone!
Today we announce the implementation of skywars leaderboards! The statistics have been quietly increasing in size, so we decided to make it public. We are also working on releasing a new skywars spawn, so stay tuned!
Have fun!


[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Sep 14, 14
Hello everyone!
Today, we announce the addition of particles to the lobby server. Currently, the particles are free for everyone. However, in the future, the particles may be added as a donator perk. For now, everyone is free to play around and test the particles.
To activate particles, click on the new item automatically added to your inventory. You can choose to either have a Halo or Bundle effect.
Have fun!
greenyoshi120 cant wait to try
Proxa_Beast I'm in love with these particles o_o The only small problem I have or complaint is that the particles don't show when yo ...
Hello everyone!
We proudly present our re-instated hg spectator feature! Everyone is now able to spectate a running game in order to see their friends progress. In order to spectate an arena, use the command /hg spectate #, where # is the number of the arena you want to spectate. 
We also implemented a new prison donator extra we have been working on! You are now able to purchase extra lives for prison, so when you die, you will not lose all of your precious items. Hopefully, 
Have fun!
mojo215 prison extras
snow dog haw do i get a game pic
I voted on #1-#6 :sick:
Shicking is online Enjin. :3
Thanks Shicking
Flame bow! :sick:!
Sweet! :sick:
SG kits are now rebalanced! Please keep in mind that these are not permanent changes - they will be rebalanced according to the communities suggestions.
Touch dat wood idekrn
I am so bored
Im really bored atm :/
Are you bored your life off? Go and listen some Gaben music.
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