Factions Reset

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Aug 8, 14
Hello everyone!
Today marks the release of the new features on factions and the completion of the factions reset. The changes and new additions are listed below.
  • Factions terrain got reset and several new biomes were added. Everyone has two weeks to transfer their stuff from the old world to the new world
  • ObsidianBreaker was added. Raiding should now be easier and more rewarding than before!
  • The money of everyone was reduced depending on the balance they had prior to the reset
  • New pvp arena and spawn added
  • Mob Arena is now added. Do not worry - dying in battle will not result in a power loss!
  • Shop was moved to the new spawn and updated with new prices
  • The efficiency of god apples was reduced. In more detail, one can only eat a god apple once every hour. Hence, to get pvp perks, potion brewing materials were added to the shop.
If you find any bugs/glitches in any of the changes, please let us know!
Have fun!
pookyboo34 Hey guys i cant find the world to transfer my old stuff to this new world can anyone tell me how i get there? thanks < ...
bapnatsu @booobie_lover21 There was a currency change posted on the official factions reset thread. You can check there. ...
booobie_lover21 how much money do we loose cuz i lost over half

New Prison District Released!

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Aug 5, 14
Hello everyone,
Today we announce the grand opening of the recently constructed "H" prison district. It is more deadly yet more rewarding than the previous districts. It mainly features a more profitable and worthwhile mine and a distinctly unique mob farm, but do not underestimate the remainder of it!
Please thank MooseTheEngineer for being the chief constructor and architect of the new district.
Have fun!
Jrcpalmetto Trial-ModCSG Awesome job Moose! Is G officially 100million? I've heard rumors, but I don't have an official source.
Brebell1 First tu rank up :'D
MexicanTacoTruck Yayyy 2nd one to upgrade ...
Hello everyone, 
the August voting contest is now over. Here are the results!

Breezly123                        134
TheShadowNinja14        111
BudderSwagMaster         77

Here are the prizes:
1st: $25 coupon
2nd: $20 coupon
3rd: $15 coupon
No-one except for the contest winners got over a hundred votes :( As a reminder, if you get over 100 votes, you get a free 5$ coupon.
The August voting contest has now begun. If you won the contest, please contact Shicking for your prize.
Please keep in mind that the voting is currently not always giving prizes. We are working on the issue. However, the votes are still being counted for the contest!  
Have fun!
Breezly123 I am not sure but for me I just simpy send Shicking a email, to claim the coupons. But he replies pr ...
TheShadowNinja14 How do I get my coupon??

New Staff Members

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Aug 1, 14
Hello everyone,
the process of selecting new trial mods has been an extensive and difficult one. We have finally made a decision. The two new trial-mods are listed below.
Furthermore, I decided to create a new rank - Helper - that will be a modified version of the trial mod rank with less power. The selected players are listed below.
I will work on the creation of the helper rank during the next week. If you were selected, please meet Shicking in-game.
Congratulations to the new additions to the staff team!
Have fun!

AwesomeNimar guys how can i be a mod because I've been on the server for like 3 years straight and now the the new helper might come ...
XxTheDJxX What can helper do anyway?
XxTheDJxX Congrats especially all purpose but shicking I asked about helper/builder like 3 months ago you said you would but it co ...
Hello everyone!
We have now created the official list of additions and changes that will be implemented in the near future. If you desire to check the upcoming changes, please do so here.
Have fun!
MKHACK AWESOME!! but when new t-mods?
haw haw
When I play.. the most laggy place I play on is Gun.
in rotmg
UGH I hate that lagg! Shicking, I died twice because of extreme lag, and lost tier six armor & wepons (I was knight)
One of the proxies was acting up - everything should be back to normal!
The server seems to be lagging a lot today. Is anything wrong?
Wow.. I feel bad Hampus, people always say they will make a difference, but they aren't. What's happening is bullying, I suggest you delete the negative posts, and make your wall so you can only post.
Everybody please go and read my latest wall post. Please, it's really important for me. :'(
Nevermind. Just ignore that message. I was able to get help from Moose while I got kicked every minute x3 We fixed all the ones I know of so far.
*ashlewiet @ gmail . com*
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