New Lobby Released

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Dec 7, 14
Hello everyone!
The new Christmas lobby has been released. With the addition of an easier to use navigation system come Christmas gadgets! These are fun to use gadgets that can be used to annoy your friends and travel around the lobby faster. All of the old parkour homes were transferred to the new lobby, so you can start off your adventure from where you left off. 
A large amount of fixes, changes and improvements are planned for many of our current servers. These will be unveiled near the holidays.
Side note: unfortunately, when there are many players in lobby, our pet system starts to lag the server. We are working on a fix that will improve performance.
Have fun!
Creepaahh People are not muted when I try to execute /mute, all that happens is their Gamer tag doesn't show up when they go to sp ...
Kaveman319 When i tried to do /home, i said i don’t have access to the command. What should i do then?
Hello everyone!
Today we unveil the voting and Duel leaderboard rewards. For voting, the winners are:
BudderSwagMaster                        160
hangingtough                                  149
EMDigger                                       72
oskars36                                          72
Here are the prizes:
1st: $25 coupon
2nd: $20 coupon
3rd: $15 coupon (to both of the voters)

The three winners of the Duel leaderboard are:
The winners get a $15 coupon.
If you are a winner in any contest, please email Shicking for your prize - The new voting contest has started as of now.

As an update on features coming to the server, a new lobby will be fully unveiled in a few days.
Have fun!

Beta Duel Released!

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Nov 19, 14
Hello everyone!
Today we announce the beta release of the duel server. The main idea behind the server is to create an environment where players are able to fight their friends in a secluded arena with custom kits. Of course, the customary FFA Arena is included if you wish to take a break from fighting only one player at a time. All of the arenas are custom made by the community; I would especially like thank spottergate, ghostrider1806, pvthechosenone, hexagonial and pentagonial for the creation of the arenas and, of course, all of the donators that helped vanquish bugs. Statistics are recorded for every game played and stored in a database. You can view the leaderboards on the website. At the end of November, the top 3 players will get a free $15 coupon.
As always, if any bugs or exploits are found, please let a staff member know.
Have fun!
Falcondeath52 LunaMoon675 Duel* ...
Falcondeath52 I am getting that coupon.

Voting and SG Leaderboard Rewards

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Nov 1, 14
Hello everyone!
Today we unveil the voting and SG leaderboard rewards. For voting, the winners are:
hangingtough                160
mooksnook                   132
4TimesTheAwesom     108
Here are the prizes:
1st: $25 coupon
2nd: $20 coupon
3rd: $15 coupon
We also promised a unique reward to the top three voters. Please email Shicking for your prizes. 

The three winners of the SG leaderboard are:
The winners get a $15 coupon - please email Shicking for your prize!

The new voting contest has started as of now.
Have fun!
SP33DY46 I don't know!
hangingtough Oh and Shicking, I am awaiting my secret prize.
hangingtough No one votes these days Creepaahh. ...

Halloween disguises

[Owner] Shicking Forum-AdminOwnerCSG posted Oct 30, 14
Hello everyone! 
Tomorrow, we are going to add disguises to lobby as a Halloween special. Everyone will be able to disguise as many different mobs. 
We are working on releasing two new districts in prison and, due to popular demand, cells. Updates to gun and ROTMG are also planned, so stay tuned!
Happy Halloween!
hangingtough None of them are working...
TheShadowNinja14 Hangingtough how do you know if it's spooky when you haven't seen it yet.
Katniss_20 o awesome! How do we put on the disguises though? happy halloween ...
Season 69?
episode 69 -.-
Episode 69: I don't have my enjin account connected to my MC user so in ur face xD
Anyone play madden mobile they should PM me
And now I can't. What the freak?!
... I can post again
Well, this is just hilarious. It seems that I can't post anywhere on forums except for here -.-
Or Episode 1: The Standard Menace
Episode IV: A New Skin (NOT)
Episode 3; Revenge of the Defaults
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