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Factions Reset

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Sat at 13:58

Hello everyone!

Today we released the new Factions reset. Here is a list of the new or changed features:

  • Factions plugin updated
  • Brand new terrain and biomes (radius = 12500 blocks)
  • Economy + inventory reset
  • New Spawn
  • Updated economy (prices increase)
  • Easier format of the economy, doing /bal now shows commas
  • Anti pvp hop @ spawn
  • Previous worlds unloaded to prevent glitching
  • Removal of ore biomes
  • PVPLog Protection added
  • Obsidian Cannons stronger (4 hits to destroy obsidian)
  • Enderpearl Cooldown is now 15 seconds
  • Gapple cooldown is now 5 minutes
  • Cooldowns for donator perks (ext – 10 seconds, repair – 30 mins, feed – 1 min 30 sec)


We are slowly ramping up the enchantments week by week; the launch week will have the enchantments sharpness 1 and protection 1, the next week will have sharpness 2 protection 2 and so on. This is done to nerf the instant power of donators.

We are also experimenting with removing the purchase of several key resources, including diamonds and pot materials. This is also set in place to limit the power of very rich players (they will have to mine for crucial resources instead of being able to purchase many chests full of diamonds). 

Another major change is the addition of creeper eggs. They are expensive but can be used for better raiding!

If you find any bugs/glitches in any of the changes please let us know!

Have fun!

YoutubeBlaze bandz has 1.2bil+and it hasnt been out for 2 days lmao
Cristian8987 :( i wont play facs anymore now

December + January DOUBLE Voting Contest Results!

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Mon at 19:44

Hello everyone!

Today we unveil the double voting contest rewards. More winners and better rewards! The winners are:

usaf9030             229
werty669             141
Palok                   99
Hunter06302001 85
Hman707             81

Here are the prizes:
1st: $50 coupon
2nd: $40 coupon
3rd: $30 coupon
4th: $20 coupon
5th: $15 coupon

If you won, please send me an email - shicking1@gmail.com

The new voting contest already started! The Factions revamp will take place this weekend ;)

Have fun!

Hman707 I just sent an email
Hunter06302001 Email sent two days ago, will send another one

Staff and updates

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Dec 21, 15

Hello everyone!
We are starting off the holiday season with an update to staff. We implemented a few new ranks which should help out with the infrastructure of the server.

The Creator rank is the rank for trusted players that want to help out the server by building in creative in a separate world. These players are supervised by Moderators and by Admins.

The Trial Moderator rank was removed and replaced with Jr. Moderator as a way to show that our staff are not temporary, nor on trial. However, permissions for the Jr. Moderator (previously Trial) have been changed, as have the permissions for Moderator. Jr. Moderators can also help out with building, but do not need to be supervised by Moderators.

An Admin rank was implemented. The admin can implement approved gameplay edits and have administrative power over lower staff ranks. All questions relating to rules get redirected to the Admins. Admins also have power over permission editing.

The updated staff team is as follows. Please note that not everyone could have been picked and concessions had to be made. Due to the new staff ranks we will constantly be updating the staff team instead of periodical updates.



Jr. Mod:



AllPurposeFlower (inactive)
AliceTF2 (inactive)
Loki (inactive)
JF13 (inactive)

If you were selected, send me an email: shicking1@gmail.com
We are proud to invite the new staff members into the team and excited to see how the staff rank changes will turn out.

However, this wasn't the only update!

  • We updated our server icon - check your server list in a few hours.
  • Skywars was updated with a modified spawn. World reloading and pvp is now fixed.
  • Chat prefixes were updated to look more sharp and approachable. The chat should be a bit easier to read.

This also marks the official announcement of a skywars competition. The leaderboards are reset - on January 31st the top 3 players will win a $40, $25, or a $15 coupon depending on their ranking.

Many more updates are going to come during the holiday season ;) Have fun!

VenommHD Congrats
Kingsley Grats to every1 tho
Kingsley wow AllPurposeFlower got staff xD she played when on sb before I was banned and had my account stolen. too bad she got d...

List of Updates

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Dec 4, 15

Hello everyone!

Here are the updates implemented during the past week.

  • Arcade2, rotmg and prophunt removed temporarily
  • Diamond gear removed from HG chests
  • HG chests vastly improved, increased variety and reduced armor spawn
  • Hit detection and general movement improved on kitpvp and practicepvp (still testing, will be added to other servers soon)
  • Parties added to Creative - /party create
  • Mega Punch removed from arcade
  • Fixed bugs with practicepvp
  • Added /hub and /lobby
  • Fixed /is not working @ acidisland
  • Lots of updates for lobby minigames
  • Comp Parkour @ lobby is now impossible to skip
  • Lobby join items are updated
  • Griefing with armorstands on creative is now impossible
  • Testing new prefixes in PracticePVP
  • Rebranding – testing new ip – connect to the server via mc.playsg.org and reach the website via playsg.org
  • KitPVP kits enabled:Tank, Viper, Timelord, Pyro, Ghost, Zombie
  • KitPVP kits edited: All that were enabled + Ninja + Archer

Please give us feedback on the new anticheat updates on kitpvp + prefixes in PracticePVP.

We have many large scale updates and revamps planned in the coming weeks. A new custom server is in the works as well so stay tuned ;)

Drlol74 I think the updates are good except for the ip change it seems pointless.
TsunaXYT Uh, rotmg is still there.. Also vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv v v
YoutubeBlaze great job shicking, you've fixed things and as usual added something completely stupid that will make threads about...

November Voting Results!

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Dec 1, 15

Hello everyone!

Today we unveil the voting contest rewards. The winners are:

HueHueOreo       145
Hunter06302001  78
deancohen           52

Here are the prizes:
1st: $25 coupon
2nd: $20 coupon
3rd: $15 coupon

As a reminder, if you get above 100 votes and weren't in the top 3, you will get a 5$ coupon! Nobody won the prize this time :(

If you won, please send me an email - shicking1@gmail.com

The new voting contest already started! 

Have fun!

Hunter06302001 Email has been sent
OreoDippinq Email Was Sent
The halftime show Wasn't that bad.
rejected boi.
lol banned
How do i join TeamSpeak?
Why is the server still white listed shick
u r banned you cant enjoy it lol!
I'm not liking this factions reset
Omg dat lang der!
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