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Marriage added to Creative

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Sun at 22:43

An update for our creative server community - we added the ability for the players to marry.

Here is a list of commands. 

  • /marry - List all marry commands
  • /marry <playername> - Send a marriage request
  • /marry divorce <playername> - Send a divorce request
  • /marry list - Shows all married players
  • /marry tp - Teleports to the partner
  • /marry sethome - Sets the home for two married players
  • /marry home - Teleports to the home of married players
  • /marry chat - Allows to chat a couple private
  • /marry chat toggle - Toggles the chat to send all chat messages to the partner instead of to the public
  • /marry pvpon - Turns PvP between two married players on
  • /marry pvpoff - Turns PvP between two married players off
  • /marry kiss - To kiss your partner
  • /marry gift - Gifts the item in your hand to your partner


We are working hard on releasing HCP and updating KitPVP with new maps and rebalancing of kits. More info will be available soon!

MineYourOwn This could be used ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Derpylatios I don't "like it" but I don't "hate it"
WhaleSperm im fucking cringing at this addition

Player Made Shops Added to Skyblock!

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Aug 25, 15

Hello everyone!

We have added the ability for players to make their own shops on skyblock! All they need is a sign and the material they wish to trade. We setup a tutorial at spawn. Here is how to make a trade shop:

In case you weren't aware, you are able to create [Welcome] signs which allow anyone to teleport to your island. We are excited to see what this new addition to the economy leads to!

We are going to be implementing many reforms and new additions to all existing servers. Stay tuned and have fun!

player3349 Then yes make chest shops plz
YourCoal That is ChestShop...
player3349 Awwwwh it it would be better if it was. [Buy] [sell] 1 bone 1 bone 600. ...

SkyGrid Released

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Aug 10, 15

Hello Everyone!

Today marks the official release of the new SkyGrid server. As a precaution, it is currently in BETA - please report all bugs you find. We are also actively listening for any suggestions you want to be added to the server.

Here is a list of useful commands everyone should know before starting:

  • /usg home - this teleports you to your randomly selected home. 
  • /usg sethome - this sets your home
  • /kit protection - this gives you a dirt block and $200. The money can be used to purchase protection blocks. This kit has a timeout of 24 hours.
  • /ps add player - this adds a player to your protected region, letting them build freely. 
  • /ps flag [flag name] [flag value] - only change this if you know what you are doing! This modifies the protection flags set in place to protect your claimed area. 

It bears mentioning that pvp is disabled. We want this gamemode to have as much cooperation as possible.

Currently, donator ranks are very outdated and there are nearly no donator perks. However, we have some unique ideas we want to implement such as the ability to create warps and player made shops. If you want to suggest new perks, don't be afraid to do so!

We are currently working on updating skyblock with several new fun features. 

Have fun!

YourCoal That and people are too OP in general, and I have visited islands with like 4k entities at once, all mob spawners and st ...
YourCoal Does the updates include a reset because I think it really needs it for how f***ed up it us with the upgrade to 1.8

HG Tournament Results

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Jul 27, 15

Hello everyone!

Today we had a HG tournament. Here are the winners!

1st – cocoalightbulb

2nd - freesspeerf

3rd - zGamez

4th – WildFire826

5th  - Tiagoroth

Honorable mentions - Timely, Tomahtoe

If you won, please send me an email! shicking1@gmail.com

Have fun!

zGamez I sent a Email, what now?
MKHACK Grats and I did not know there was ...
Timely Helpero Grats to everyone!

Factions Tournament Results

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Jul 9, 15

Hello everyone!

Today we had two separate factions tournaments. The first one was mobarena, where the players either tried to survive as long as possible or get as many mob kills as possible. The following players were victorious:


If you won, please send me an email - shicking1@gmail.com

We also held the first KOTH on normal factions. A large amount of the community showed up and fought for three hours of total mayhem. In the end, Jittered successfully held the site for the time needed and won $250 million as well as in-game items. It was fun but it took too long - the next time we host a koth, we will change the time needed to control the platform in order to make it easier to win. 

Have fun!

xLiveCrackPvP_ just a post bc i need to try it
jb1 hi
try it out; it's free if you dont like uninstall it
if you're willing to chat with your fellow players I'd say it is
is teamspeak worth getting?
Well, there is bruh. Twins
It's full if you connect through teamspeak but if you go through teamspeak status and sync your account you can join.
It also needs more slots, it's full all the time.
Dang didn't knew there was another 'Impulse' ImpulseSW
The teamspeak is fully functional the only thing left is setting up channels,rules,and permissions.
For why Mk.for why ;-;
IMPULSE IS NAH MAH BOAT BOOTY AND FRIEND HAHA wait, I am just being corny ;-; But I am also serious ;-;
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